Craig B Hulet on Coast to Coast AM Tonight

Coast to Coast AM Tonight: Craig B Hulet

Geopolitical analyst Craig B. Hulet joins guest host John B. Wells tonight. They will be discussing the recent developments in the Middle East, the War on Terror, bin Laden’s role in 9-11, and the future of the United States.

You can listen online to the “Geopolitics & Terrorism” show, featuring John B Wells’ interview with Craig B. Hulet, from the embedded videos below:









Craig B Hulet

Craig B Hulet

About Craig B Hulet

Craig B Hulet is a Government Policy Analyst, Security, Terrorism, Military and International Relations Expert.

Craig B Hulet, holds different views on President Bush’s wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and the greater Middle East.

Craig B Hulet was KLOS/KABC Los Angeles Radio, the Impact program’s regular Military Affairs expert and Political analyst every first Monday of every month through the 2004 election.

Mr. Hulet has appeared on Fox T.V., CNN, C-Span, Daybreak, and CNN Entertainment News,The Arsenio Hall Show, Carl Wiglesworth (KTSA, San Antonio); Dave Ross (KIRO, Seattle); Mike Siegel (for 20 years on seven stations); “Up-Front” with Robert Mak, (KING 5 T.V., Seattle); and hundreds of T.V. and radio shows over some twenty-five years.

He was the first guest to appear “live” in Washington D.C. on the Jim Bohannon Show five minutes after George Bush’s September 20th, 2001 terrorism speech, as a terrorism expert and again January 30, 2003:  He argued then, Bush was not telling the American people everything and we are facing something far worse than classical terrorism.

America is facing a newer, higher level of global urban guerrilla warfare, side by side with the terrorism we have come to understand; that it is a violent reaction to the worldwide perception of an American-led Corporate Empire can no longer be ignored.

He has consulted over 35 major corporations, Congress, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives of the U.S. Department of Justice (formerly Treasury’s ATF&E) now with Homeland Security; Ms Tina Sinatra; Mr. Oliver Stone among other Hollywood producers, directors and stars. The movie Bulworth was an ugly parody of Hulet’s work during the Los Angeles riots by Warren Beatty.

Listen Live to Craig B Hulet

You can catch tonight’s show live on your local affiliate station at 1am – 5am ET (10pm – 2am PT).

I will be listening on the Internet using Coast Inside tomorrow. If you aren’t a Coast Insider member, you can join from this link for around 15 cents a day:

I’m looking forward to hearing the breakdown and analysis of Craig B Hulet